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and movement go hand-in-hand

Joining Cegid means putting your talents to work for a sound, ambitious company that is a leader in a growing industry.

It means being part of a company that is constantly in motion, a company with a diverse workforce and a culture of sharing that moves forward in a spirit of innovation.

Joining Cegid also guarantees professional advancement on a regular basis. You will see your career take off!

Cegid in brief

Icone Cegid Blanc

no. 3

in Saas in France
(IDC octobre 2017)

Icone Cegid Blanc


employees in 15 countries

Icone Cegid Blanc

20 years

is how long, on average, our customers have been with us

Icone Cegid Blanc


in sales in 2019

Our goal is to bring ever more innovation, with your help, to our customers

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  • We create valuable and innovative management solutions to help companies of all sizes achieve their goals, step up their business recovery and adjust their strategy. Cegid solutions are opening new horizons for them. 
  • We are one of the first companies to have integrated the cloud into our solutions, owing to our culture of innovation and our unparalleled cloud expertise. We are now no. 3 in SaaS in France (IDC October 2017).   
    We have devoted ourselves to the businesses that we know best: auditiing, taxes, accounting & finance, ERP, payroll & human resources, retailing.  
  • Our company has its roots in Lyons, France, where it was founded in 1983 by Jean-Michel Aulas. His entrepreneurial sprit continues to inspire us today. Our ambition now extends beyond France’s borders, and we are internationally oriented, with solutions available in 75 countries.  
  • Community involvement is important to us, and we are committed to making digital technology a vector for learning and integration, via our Cegid Solidaire program. 

Strong values are central to our corporate culture

To be proud of what we accomplish and of how we accomplish it.

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Inspired by our customer

Our objective is not only to understand our customers. We take inspriation from their challenges, the questions they ask and the good practices they employ to create tomorrow’s solutions with them and for them.


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Never stop exploring

To keep the precursor spirit alive at Cegid, our corporate culture fosters openness, encourages you to ask questions that challenge underlying assumptions, values experimentation and seeks to innovate and take risks.


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Committed together

At all levels of the company, our employees are passionate about their work and fully devoted to delivering the best services to our customers. Our human capital is the key to our performance and our long life.


Our commitment

Let’s put our talents together

We are confident that our talents are what make us our customers’ preferred partner.

  • For this reason, we encourage autonomy and agility. By supporting our employees when they take initiative and in developing their skills, we enable ourselves and we enable them to achieve our objectives and become value creators, for us and for our customers. In this way, everyone can fully develop and realize his or her potential.
  • We foster collaboration among employees within the company as well as with our customers, because we believe that collective intelligence and the sharing of ideas generate added value and performance for everyone. We listen to our customers, and together we build practical, innovative solutions that fit their needs.
  • Our employees come from a wide variety of backgrounds and every profile is different. The projects we carry out for our customers are equally varied. It’s this diversity which enables us to learn from each other and have enriching experiences every day.
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Six areas of expertise, all waiting for you to express your talent!

To accompany our customers and respond to their needs as best we can, our six areas of expertise, composed of complementary skills, all contribute to developing and deploying our new solutions.

Icone Cegid Bleu
Product Management

Anticipates and analyzes our customers’ needs/expectations to create tomorrow’s products. Develops an overarching vision and uses it to create a technology roadmap.

Icone Cegid Bleu
Product Marketing

Understands the marketing studies used to identify and analyze our customers’ needs, so as to determine the features of our future products..

Icone Cegid Bleu
Product Development

Gives concrete expression to the ideas of our teams and transforms them into innovative products, in a spirit of continuous improvement. At Cegid, a quarter of our employees are dedicated to the design and continuous improvement of our products.

Icone Cegid Bleu

Our sales engineers, be they in the field or in the office, endeavor to bring out the value of our products and adapt their sales efforts to the market and the needs of our customers.

Icone Cegid Bleu

Deploys the solution on the client’s site and trains users so that customers get all they can out of their new tools.

Icone Cegid Bleu
Customer Care

This last link in our value chain provides the best response, in the shortest time to our customers’ questions and requests.