The key steps to join cegid

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We are looking for people with potential, for talents that we can enhance through stimulating assignments and an ambitious HR policy. Will you find a fulfilling environment at Cegid? Discover the skills and attitudes on which we put priority and the key steps for coming on board.

It is our conviction that a diploma does not tell the whole story

For us, team spirit, creativity and your high standards are just as important as your diploma and your professional experience.We put as much value on our employees' human qualities as on their professional qualifications. The personality and the potential, more than the skills.

What are the key qualities for succeeding at Cegid?

You are solution-and-results oriented

You are pragmatic and aim for performance.

You have a sense of customer service

You establish a profitable, high-quality, lasting relationship with the people with whom you interact.

You relish challenges

You love to meet challenges head-on, you are autonomous and you like to take initiative.

You think collectively

You appreciate collaborative work where you build solutions and celebrate successes together.

You are innovative

You are naturally curious, open and willing to call the established order into question.

If all this resonates with you and you also want to get the most out of your professional expertise, then let’s get together !

The five-step process for joining Cegid

From your initial contact with our team up until your job offer, you follow a recruiting process organized so as to evaluate your application objectively.

Day 1

The initial contact

You apply via the Cegid Jobs site or after being approached by one of our recruiters.

Day 1
Day 3

The first conversation

We present the position and the company, by telephone or video-conference. Also during this step, you present your professional experience, your motivation and your objectives.

Day 3
Day 4-8


You meet your future manager and your HR representative – a conversation to get to know each other and answer your questions.

Day 4-8
Day 15-30


This is the job offer and contract signature phase.

Day 15-30

Integrating Cegid

We rely on four key themes for successfully integrating new employees and inducing them to operate in “Cegid mode”.

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First three months – the sponsor system

To facilitate your day-to-day experience.

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First day –
Welcome meeting

To obtain key information.

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First year – customized training

To become an expert in Cegid solutions.

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First few weeks – Cegid Discovery

To talk about Cegid’s strategy and enjoy some pleasant moments together